Your inside guide to the resistance. Find groups that need volunteers, a community calendar of progressive events, contact info for our elected officials, ways to resist at the national level, bystander suggestions, know your rights for immigrants and protesters, and more!

Local Organizations – We compiled this listing of Santa Barbara groups that need volunteers so you can plug in and help out!

Progressive Community Events Calendar – This calendar is maintained by the Fund for Santa Barbara.

Ways to Resist at the National Level – Listing of Congressional contact info (a one-page summary of the Indivisible Guide), along with other ways to protest, such as daily call services, boycott listings, petition sites, and more.

Indivisible Guide – best practices for making Congress listen.

Contact info for our federal and state elected official representatives.

International Resistance Calendar of Events

Guide to Street Outreach

Red Cards and other Know Your Rights info if immigration authorities knock on your door or otherwise approach you

Your rights if you are at a protest

How to be a better bystander, and intervene when you see street harassment, or harassment anywhere.

Ideas for protest signs

How to make a Poster Frame

More resources coming soon…
To suggest a resource to include, email us your suggestions.