Ways to Help

Beyond our meetings, we could use help in all kinds of ways.  Contact us if you can help with any of the following:

Volunteer Needs

  • Register voters for upcoming elections. Contact Darcel.
  • Data entry (familiarity with Google docs), Facebook postings
  • Bring snacks to meetings – sign up here
  • Take photos
  • Distribute ¼ page flyers around town about Progressive Coalition – at events, community centers, churches, bulletin boards

Wish List for Supplies

Click here to donate.

  1. name tags – we use 100-200 per meeting and have two meetings each month
  2. adhesive flipchart pads – we use about one per month. Each costs $25 on Amazon.
  3. Know Your Rights cards in Spanish – A volunteer printed the 1st 500 at Bill’s Copies on State Street. They cost $.20 each. If you can contribute, let us know.
  4. We plan to make a 1/4 page flyer to distribute at local events, protests, and rallies. There will be printing costs because we’ll want at least 1000 flyers per month.
  5. We also have a list of local organizations and a listing of ways to resist at the national level. We will want copies of these for our Earth Day table and other events. It would be great to print 1000-2000 of each of these.
  6. Folding chairs – we could borrow these. To support people who can’t stand for long periods of time but want to attend rallies. These are placed up front in a few rows. Contact Michal.